The New Side Chick Part II: But I Can’t Leave Him…

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In my opinion, love is the greatest gift a person can give and receive. People spend a lifetime seeking, chasing, crying, and fighting for love. But what happens when that sweet love turns sour? Your sunny skies turn gray, and the one person you loved the most has given you the biggest heartache.  I want to discuss how to let go of toxic relationships and gain the strength to move forward. Since I’ve published “The ‘New’ Side Chick: I was Her”, a lot of men and women have contacted me sharing their similar experiences and have asked me how to move on from someone you love. I too have faced the same challenge, and through the grace of God, I’ve made it.

Growing up, I’ve always vowed to never give my heart away. I liked, but wouldn’t dare to love. However, all of that changed once…

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Because I’m Happy!!

The secret to being happy in life is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of everyday!

Nothing is promised to us, not our jobs, our spouse, loyalty, love, money…nothing. Learning to see things and people for who they really are and dealing with them in that moment is the only guarantee we really have.

Nobody will go to bat for you harder than you will go for yourself. Always remember that nobody owes you anything but YOU owe yourself happiness.

Start by eliminating any and everything that does not bring you joy. Whatever causes you to frown or question it, let it go, dismiss it from your life. Negative people , exhausting situations, stress, disloyal friends…show them all the exit door out of your life.

You have to let people go. Everyone whose in your life were meant to to be in YOUR journey, but not ALL of them are meant to stay til the end!

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What Is Beautiful?


What is beauty? What determines beauty and why is it so important in our lives?

As the old adage goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” I’m reminded of all the emphasis that is placed on beauty in today’s society. Physical beauty, at its best, is boxed in and defined as anybody that mimics whatever the standards of Hollywood are at this very moment. No longer is your beauty defined by the qualities that you possess but are now determined by the size of your waist, the shape of your eyes, the pucker in your lips, the length of your hair or the roundness of you rump shaker. It’s sad that your personality and other great attributes that you have to offer are now  seen as “lackluster” because reality TV and other ridiculousness dictates the standards of beauty. 

Beauty, in its simplest form, creates a feeling. It personifies the smell of roses, the chime of wind in the air, the ripple in the ocean or the dew of the morning rain. Beauty has the power to create energy, soothe fears, expose emotions and subside anger. Beauty can sometimes be indescribable. It can cause one to gravitate towards it or create an urge to go out and seek it.


What is your beauty? Does it define you or does it compliment you? Seek it in everything you do. Listen for it in the music you play. Cherish it, Recognize it, embrace it but most importantly share it with those you love and care about.


Life is Beautiful, share all that it has to offer you.




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Goals for 2014

What are your goals for the New Year? Perhaps its to lose that extra holiday weight, or refrain from some over emphasized habit that your friends hate. Maybe you will start a business or plan and take that vacation you always wanted to go on. Whatever it is, JUST DO IT.

When starting a new year we all have ideas of grandiose. We have such vigor and tenacity to conquer the world, to change our mentality, to save a whale or to create change. All this is great and can be accomplished but the reality is that nothing comes to dreamers but dreams. If its your desire to change the world in 2014 or beyond what is your game plan ? What steps will you take to devise your master plan?  Here are 10 steps that you can apply to any venture that you take on this year.

  1. Everything starts as an idea but to give life to those ideas you have to set goals that are measurable, realistic and obtainable.
  2. Stay focused on ONE thing at a time.
  3. Create a to-do list and stick to it.
  4. Find a accountability partner and bounce some ideas off them and see what they think.
  5. Find a mentor.
  6. Utilize all the resources that are available to you.
  7. Understand that things take time to happen. Don’t look for instant gratification.
  8. Do research 
  9. Revise Revise Revise
  10. Don’t Quit!!

Its a New Year a Fresh Start for some and another chance for others to Get Things Right!

Take Care of Yourself and be Good to others.

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Approach to Love

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What is your Approach to Love?

How do you approach love? Do you sneak up on it? Do you let it happen naturally? Do you sabotage love on purpose? Do you avoid it altogether?
Let’s establish one thing- there are no guarantees in Love- you don’t get a receipt, you can’t return it to the store because it didn’t fit or it wasn’t the same when you got home. Love is at best a gamble. There are risks involved and sometimes one of those risks include the possibility of getting hurt or rejected. Are you up for the challenge?
If so, ask yourself do I want real love or the artificial nutra-sweet version of the real thing?
Do I deserve to be treated like a queen when clearly I don’t treat my honey like he’s a king? What do I bring to the table other than MY bills and My hopes that if he’s a…

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